Faculty Mentor

Ruth Ann Belknap, Robert Topp


Christian Villanueva is a junior majoring in nursing and has completed his minor in Spanish for the Health Professions. He was accepted into Sigma Delta Pi and is on the College of Nursing’s Dean’s List. After graduation in May 2015, he plans to pursue a PhD. focusing in either nursing or public health.



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In 2012 the U.S. deported approximately 200,000 individuals to Mexico; a significant proportion of these individuals were women. The combined effect of previous traumatic experiences with that of being deported to Mexico is detrimental to women’s health. The trauma suffered through this process results in high levels of stress that lead to a variety of mental and physical health problems for Mexican women, disproportionally compared to men, who entered into and are deported from the U.S. The purpose of this study is to describe the life history of trauma exposure of women who have recently been deported from the U.S. to Mexico. The results of this study will inform the development of interventions to improve the health of these women being deported to Mexico. Data concerning life trauma exposure was recently collected quantitatively from 25 women who have been newly deported from the U.S. to Mexico at Casa Nazaret in Nogales, Mexico. These descriptive quantitative data were collected using The Life Stressor Inventory- Revised (LSC-R). The LSC-R instrument operationalized the life history of trauma exposure of the sample of women. The responses on this instrument were transcribed onto a Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) spreadsheet. These data were then cleaned for missing responses. Qualitative responses on the LSC-R instrument were translated to a Likert scale, in order to create numerical ranks for the responses given by the women. The data was analyzed to provide a demographic description of the women and quantitative statistics were used to address the research questions.

Publication Date

Summer 2013


Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing | Public Health and Community Nursing

Christian Villanueva - Trauma Exposure Reported By Women Recently Deported from the U.S. to Mexico