Towards TTP-Free Lightweight Solution for Location Privacy Using Location-Based Anonymity Prediction

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Conference Proceeding



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5 p.

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Association for Computing Machinery

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Proceedings of the 2011 ACM Research in Applied Computation Symposium

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doi: 10.1145/2103380.2103440


Location-based services are becoming increasingly popular with the proliferation of location aware devices. It is not possible to access location-based services and preserve privacy at the same time when the user provides exact location information. Cloaking or obfuscating location data is the only way to protect location-privacy. To do that, most of the systems use third party location anonymizer. In this paper, we propose a novel location privacy obfuscation framework without any trusted third party (TTP). Most of the existing solutions attempt to satisfy k-anonymity. In this paper we present the problems of using fixed and user defined k. In order to solve the problems our proposed solution aims to meet probabilistic k-anonymity. Based on historic data expected number of users present in a place is predicted which is used as probabilistic anonymity level. Thus we eliminate the use of any TTP which results into improvement of query-processing time and provides fewer query results for the user to process minimizing the overall response time. Users' exact location information is not revealed in either communication or computation process.


Published as part of the proceedings of the conference, the 2011 ACM Research in Applied Computation Symposium, 2011: 293-297. DOI.