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2010 Joint Statistical Meeting


In fMRI, brain images are not measured instantaneously and a volume of images can take two seconds to acquire at a low 64x64 resolution. Significant effort has been put forth on many fronts to decrease image acquisition time including parallel imaging. In parallel imaging, sub-sampled spatial frequency points are measured in parallel and combined to form a single image. Measurement time is decreased at the expense of increased image reconstruction difficulty and time. One significant parallel imaging technique known as SENSE utilizes a complex-valued regression coefficient estimation process with transposes replaced by conjugate transposes. However, in SENSE the noise structure is not properly modeled. This work properly models the noise structure for complex-valued least squares regression. Differences in estimated images between SENSE and our new estimation procedure are evaluated.


Noise Assumptions in Complex Valued SENSE MR Image Reconstruction. Presented at the 2010 Joint Statistical Meeting, sponsored by the American Statistical Association. Vancouver, Canada, August 4, 2010.