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Caregiving can be costly to dementia caregivers' well-being. Assessing the factor structure and psychometric properties of Cognitive-Behavioral Scales in dementia caregivers is an essential step in addressing the gap in the current state of research. Specifically, it is essential to determine first whether the factorial structure of the three measures used in this study namely, the Positive Thinking Skills Scale, the Revised Memory and Behavior Problems Checklist, and the Zarit Burden Interview are good representation of the data by studying the good model fit. Next, evaluating the reliability of each factor of the three measures used are essential to learn about the precision of the factors. Lastly, it is vital to study the factor correlation and its relevance to the theory used to determine the validity of the factors.


A descriptive, correlational, cross-sectional design in a convenience sample of 100 caregivers.


Results indicated that the factorial structure of the three scales is a good representation of the data; an acceptable reliability of each factor of the three measures; and the factors correlated as expected and showed their relevance to the underlying theory.


Future studies might consider studying the mediating/moderating effects of positive thinking on care-recipients challenging behavior problems. The findings can be used as a guide to provide a positive thinking training intervention among caregivers.


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