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Oklahoma Regional Community Policing Institute

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Journal of Community Policing


It is well recognized that the success of community-policing initiatives may be dependent on a variety of organizational changes, such as decentralization, increased officer autonomy and discretion, and permanent or stable geographic assignments. What is equally important, yet often overlooked, is the importance of a revised performance evaluation system that reflects the work to be performed in a community policing atmosphere. In a community policing context, performance evaluations do far more than simply evaluate police behavior; they serve as important vehicles for increasing awareness and understanding, conveying organizational expectations, and rewarding behavior concordant with a broadened police role (Oettmeier & Wycoff 1997). This manuscript suggests a step-by-step process for administrators interested in devising an evaluation system that will accomplish these goals.


Published Version. Journal of Community Policing, Vol. 1, No. 2 (2000): 7-24. Publisher link. © 2000 Oklahoma Regional Community Policing Institute.

Meghan Stroshine was affiliated with Michigan State University at the time of publication.