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Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

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Applied Language Learning

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This study examines the relationship among five independent variables—integrative motivation, instrumental motivation, the need to fulfill a foreign language requirement, grade point average (GPA), and previous years studying Spanish—as predictors of five dependent variables: scores on a simulated oral proficiency interview (SOPI), final exam grades, final grades, the desire to enroll in Spanish courses after completing the language requirement, and intention to major in Spanish. Data from a questionnaire and a SOPI administered to 130 students enrolled in fourth-semester Spanish identified integrative motivation as a significant predictor of SOPI scores and final exam grades. Furthermore, integrative motivation was a significant predictor of students’ desire to enroll in additional coursework after completing the four-semester foreign language requirement. It also had an important role in students’ intention to major in the language. A negative relationship was found between the need to fulfill the language requirement and intent to continue with further studies in Spanish. The findings demonstrate that integrative motivation is important in predicting student achievement in the foreign language classroom.


Published version.Applied Language Learning, Vol. 18, No. 1&2 (2008): 1-15. Publisher link. © 2008 Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center. Used with permission.