Date of Award

Fall 1960

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Dupuis, Adrian M.

Second Advisor

Raynor, John P.

Third Advisor

Craig, Robert C.


The problem of the educational implications of recent changes in the Soviet Class structure will be elaborated from the point of view of the significance of certain historical events on the one hand, and the influence of those events on our topics, on the other hand.

First, it will be necessary to study the above stated system not only under the aspect of its educational theory, but also its implications will have to be examined, such as social, political and economic forces, which comprise the Soviet system.

Secondly, the class of the Intellectual Elite and its appearance in the state of "classless society" will be traced as the outcome of historical events that the Soviet epoch as created. The following topics will be investigated:

(1) Marxian theories regarding the state and society;

(2) Deviation of Lenin's theories from those of Marx;

(3) Stalin's view on the Intelligentsia;

(4) Policies of Social Realism and its consequences;

(5) Educational theories and practices;

(6) Social and cultural values; and

(7) The impact of education on the Soviet intellectual class.

Thirdly, the analysis of data concerning the above statements will be made in a comparative manner, i.e., the point of view of the Soviet sources will be compared with the European and American sources.

Finally, the social values such as religion, democracy, individual freedom and others will be traced only when they will concern our main problem; that is, the Intellectual Class in the "classless society."