Date of Award

Spring 1939

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)




Much has been written during the last decade on innovations in education in which emphasis has been placed on the developments of aims methods and technique in relation to the individual pupil. The modern school recognizes that there are mental differences among children which necessitates different adaptations of the course of study. What is an easy task for one child may well prove an impossible, heart-breaking assignment for another child. It seems evident to the writer, in the concept of an individual, that a school cannot rise to its best until it provides for the fullest possible development of each child. This development, in the light of Catholic education must be twofold -- spiritual and physical. This present study is a result of an investigation conducted in the elementary schools under the direction of the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict in which an attempt has been made to estimate the amount and type of provision for individual differences afforded in each school first, and in the entire school system eventually.