Date of Award

Spring 1945

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Foreign Languages and Literatures


The purpose of this thesis, an index on the life and the works of Marcus Tullius Cicero, is twofold: first it is to serve as a criterion to determine the degree of interest and appreciation which American scholars have for Cicero in general, and which of Cicero's manifold accomplishments have especially attracted them. Secondly, the index is hoped to be a useful guide for teachers and students of Cicero. In compiling the index, the following procedure has been observed: all the articles, notes, discussions, abstracts and book reviews dealing with Cicero directly or indirectly from English classical periodicals which are available in the libraries of Milwaukee, Chicago, and Madison have been collected and perused. Then an attempt was made to organize the articles, which partly have been summarized, or excerpted, in such a manner that the index might form a harmonious whole illustration the breadth and versatility of Ciceronian genius. The table of contents of the thesis is the outline which was followed in the arrangement of the articles. In consulting the index it is well to bear in mind that there must necessarily be a more or less close relationship among the articles dealing with the life and works of one person. To illustrate, if one would wish to select a bibliography on the character of Cicero, he would not get a complete list of articles by consulting those articles only which are given in the category on the character of Cicero. Almost all the articles on his life and many on his works have excellent material on his character. In organizing the more than fifteen-hundred articles on Cicero into various categories, no strict boundary lines could be observed because there is an inter-relationship among the articles. Therefore to get the best out of the index, it is advisable to refer to related categories and subdivisions.