Date of Award

Spring 1964

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Foreign Languages and Literatures

First Advisor

Wallach, Luitpold

Second Advisor

Arnold, Richard E.

Third Advisor

Conley, John


This study originally dealt with the relation of the poetry of Catullus to the Greek lyric tradition. However, it seemed wise to posit Catullus more definitely in Graeco-Roman literature. After consultation with my thesis director, a title was chosen which more accurately reflects the nature of the discussion. The thesis contains a discussion of Catullus and his use of Greek poetry in the development of the Roman lyric. Various critical approaches to Catullus are examined, several representative poems are discussed in detail, and the personality of the poet is revealed as the unifying element in the Catullian corpus.



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