Date of Award

Spring 1969

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Host, David

Second Advisor

Arnold, James

Third Advisor

Helbert, Clifford L.


Charges of incompleteness, inaccuracy, and even distortion are made against the press almost daily, by everyone from the "man on the street" to the President of the United States. The validity of such charges can be determined only by a factual study of events and/or speeches and the news reports on them. That in the attempt of this thesis. I have sought to find to what degree news reports were free-flowing channels of information in a particular, selected situation. This channel should be free-flowing if the people are to obtain from it as direct knowledge as possible of their government and governors in today's complex society which minimizes person-to-person contact between people and their rulers. The study was undertaken and conducted with no preconceived conclusion. This point was made very clear to all persons on the mayor's staff and at the Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel. The study is, hopefully, a completely objective one, with conclusions drawn solely from the findings in the analysis.