Date of Award

Summer 1940

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)




A distant peal of the jubilee bells for a pastor's silver anniversary awakened the inspiration for the theme of my pageant on Sacred Romance. I selected this form of drama since pageant creation offers the combined use of the contributory arts of language, of action, of color, of music; and because I felt that pageantry would be the best medium through which to review the sacred beauty of the church, its sacraments and priesthood. The episodes were selected to review sacred romance in the life of a priest in such a manner as to inspire the audience with a greater appreciation for the sanctity and value of the Catholic priesthood. And I hoped to awaken a true realization of the laity's duty to assist with their prayers in keeping a priest a holy man, in making him a successful missionary of God in his life of continual sacrifice. In the production of Sacred Romance, I endeavored to inspire my large cast of one hundred and seventy-five eager school children with a love of the artistic and sacred; to lead each to realize his importance in contributing to the success of the dramatic project; to encourage the development of artistic talent.