Date of Award

Fall 1998

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Soley, Lawrence

Second Advisor

Thorn, William

Third Advisor

Griffin, Robert J.


This study is a search to find answers to the questions that arose when I was working with the Delhi archdiocesan newsmagazine, The Voice of Delhi. I wanted to know if religious media were to take up activist role, challenging religious audiences to be aware of the socio-political situations around them, and inviting them to work towards a better, just and more humane world, how the Catholic audiences would respond. Based on a research done in June 1998, of 476 people in the archdiocese of Delhi, India, this study wanted to test how the extrinsically and intrinsically religious-oriented audiences of religious media would receive religious media if they took up activist role. Using the theory of uses and gratifications, this study wanted to identify the uses and gratifications of religious audiences in Delhi, and how they would respond to sociopolitical contents in the religious media. This study also made an inquiry into the uses and gratifications the audiences sought from the religious media. This study is intended to help create media content in religious media, particularly in India, while seeking to meet the needs and expectations the audiences seek from religious media.



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