Date of Award

Fall 1994

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Kelly, Donna J.

Second Advisor

Buhr, JoAnn

Third Advisor

Rhyner, Paula


Throughout the 1980's, the importance of social-pragmatic contexts for young children's language learning gained support and acceptance. However, there was no systematic way for a speech-language pathologist to document descriptions of children's social-pragmatic behaviors in a naturalistic setting, i.e., for documentation of a child's communicative status or progress over time. In 1990, Rice, Sell, and Hadley developed the Social Interactive Coding System, or SICS. The SICS is a descriptive measure that provides information about the continuous verbal and nonverbal interactions of preschool children as a function of activity context, addressees, and play levels. By using the SICS, a speech-language pathologist can gain information about children's social-pragmatic behaviors to use when assessing and providing therapy to preschool children with language impairments. The present study assesses clinical applications of the Social Interactive Coding System (SICS) (Rice, Sell, & Hadley, 1990).



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