Date of Award

Summer 1947

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)




This study of the organization and administration of children's theaters in the Upper Mid-west (Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Minnesota) was undertaken because of the writer's interest in the manner in which our neighbors, intent upon presenting the best possible theatre for young people, solve the very practical problems of such groups including administrative points as sponsorship, direction, handling of business and publicity, and the problems inherent in organization such as play choice, rehearsal techniques and the handling of young audiences. Since these approaches vary with the demands of each group, no single set of conclusive action is recommended, but conclusions are drawn with the hope that experiences which have proved helpful to one group may be made available to others. In order to secure a list of theaters for children in the region indicated, many sources were appealed to, among them the offices of public instruction in the six states, the chairmen of the speech departments of the six state universities, the Misses Joan and Betty Raynor, professional producers of programs for children, Clare Tree Major of the Clare Tree Major Players, Chappaqua, N.Y., Miss Marie Agnes Foley of the Jack and Jill Players, Chicago, Mr. Wm. P. Halstead, Executive Secretary of the American Educational Theatre Association, Mrs. Dorothy L. McFadden of Junior Programs, Inc., Miss Virginia Lee Comer of the Association of Junior Leagues of America, Mrs. Sara Spencer Campbell of the Children's Theatre Press, Anchorage, Kentucky, Miss Louise C. Horton of the Drama Department of the College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, Minnesota, and the conductor of the column "Drama for Children" in the magazine Dramatics, and Mr. Edwin Strawbridge of the Strawbridge Productions.