Date of Award

Spring 1986

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Pedrotti, Frank L.

Second Advisor

Feldott, Jeanette

Third Advisor

Karioris, Frank


Two samples, GaAs:Mg (p-type), ion-implanted with different doses of 3X1013 cm-2 and lX1013 cm-2 , were investigated to determine their temperature dependent electrical properties. The resistivity and Hall constant were measured directly by the Van der Pauw technique. Sheet carrier concentration and carrier mobility were then calculated. These Mg samples were then subjected to further temperature dependency analysis. Data points in the linear region of the In(P) vs liT curve, where P is the measured hole concentration, permitted a computer-fit to optimize the values of acceptor and donor concentrations, as well as the impurity ionization energy. The computer-fit was to a theoretical model of a single acceptor level, including excited states and compensating donor levels. Using these optimized values in the theoretical expressions for various independent scattering mechanisms, hole mobilities were calculated and plotted as a function of temperature. From these an overall or effective mobility was also determined and compared with the experimental results. The deviation between the theoretical and experimental results was attributed to impurity band conduction and phonon-assisted carrier hopping in the low temperature range.