Date of Award

Spring 1983

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Ryan, Michael D.

Second Advisor

Wilkie, Charles A.

Third Advisor

Nakamoto, Kazuo


The electrochemical reduction of three iron tetraphenylporphyrins (FeTPPC1, FeTPP(N03), FeTPP(OC103)) have been studied by polarography and cyclic voltammetry in the presence of nitrite. The electrochemical reductions show dependence on the solvent and axial ligand strength. A new wave at about -1.2V versus SRE /was seen in all cases, and identified as FeTPP(NO). A mechanism has been proposed to explain the formation of this new species. The shift of first wave was also noticed in all cases. The size of this shift can be used to calculate the equilibrium constant of the iron tetraphenylporphyrin-nitrite reaction. The equilibrium constants of FeTPPC1, FeTPP(N03) and FeTPP(OC103) with nitrite are reported.