Date of Award

Summer 1988

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Feldott, Jeanette

Second Advisor

Lee, Kurik

Third Advisor

Collins, J. M.


Silver bromide thin films of about 300-350 nm are evaporated in a ultra high vacuum system on mica substrate across gold electrodes. The ionic conductivity is studied as a function of temperature both during the absence and presence of spectral sensitizing dyes. At the same time changes in optical absorption with wavelengths for the adsorbed dyes are studied. The effect of four J-aggregating sensitizing dyes on ionic conductivity of AgBr thin films are studied in this work in conjunction with observed corresponding changes in the optical absorption of the dyes. J-aggregating sensitizing dyes are used in photographic films. The appearance of the J-band in the optical absorption spectra for the film and dye is accompanied by corresponding changes in the ionic conductance of the film. It was observed that a positive dye increased the conductance and decreased the activation energy for conductance, whereas a negative dye decreased the conductance and increased the activation energy. The above dyes studied showed a possible correlations between the ionic conductivity, optical absorption and the photographic process.