Date of Award

Spring 1947

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




A knowledge of the boundary tension at an interface between two partially immiscible liquids is becoming increasingly important in a number of industrial and biological processes. Many methods for the measurement of boundary tensions have been described and applied. Thus far no procedure for the measurement of interfacial tension has been developed which is applicable to industrial purposes, where convenience, versatility and precision are imperative. In 1938 a group of co-workers, Andrens, Hauser and Tucker, modernized the old pendant drop method and made it more practical and reliable. However, certain experimental conditions still present difficulties. This study is an attempt to devise a more simple apparatus for the measurement of interfacial tension by the pendant drop method and to determine the accuracy of the results obtainable with the apparatus. The interfacial tension determinations made in this study were on aqueous solutions of sodium oleate and benzene containing oleic acid. The relation between the interfacial tension and the concentration of the surface-active agents present was investigated. A study was also made of the aging effect or the change in the inter-facial tension between the two liquids over a considerable period of time.