Date of Award

Summer 1949

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




With the development of longer transmission lines the need for reduction of outages due to lightning strokes and other causes of abnormal voltage and current surges has become more acute. This placed more stringent requirements on lightning arresters and other electrical equipment protective devices. Through the co-operation of utilities and manufacturers, and through the use of special instruments such as the klydonograph, cathode ray oscillograph, surge-crest ammeter, and others, very valuable information has been obtained regarding the voltages and currents associated with lightning. These studies have resulted in the designing and building of more efficient lightning arresters. The purpose of this work is to make a study of electrical equipment protective devices and to attempt to develop a more effective silicon carbide to be used in lightning arresters. The problem is a very challenging one as well as a practical one. The conductivity of the prepared silicon carbide samples shall be measured and an attempt shall be made to correlate these results with those obtained will demonstrate whether or not the physically altered silicon carbides may be practically utilized in the commercial field.



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