Date of Award

Fall 1998

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Yi, Chae S.

Second Advisor

Donaldson, William A.

Third Advisor

Steinmetz, Mark G.


Transition-metal-mediated cross coupling reaction of alkynes and alkenes has recently gained increasing significance in organic chemistry because it represents an efficient method for the formation of new carbon-carbon bond. In recent years, two types of the coupling reactions have been developed: intramolecular couplings of enynes and intermolecular couplings of alkynes and alkenes. These results were classified into two mechanistic pathways, one not involving carbon-carbon bond cleavage, insertion mechanism, and the other involving carbon-carbon bond cleavage, metathesis mechanism. While the coupling reactions of alkynes with substituted alkenes have been well developed, there are very few reports on the coupling of alkynes with the simplest alkene, ethylene documented in the literature. Our research goal is to develop a new rutheniumbased system to study the coupling reactions of alkynes with ethylene, and extend its scope to enyne and substituted alkenes.



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