Date of Award

Fall 1961

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Haymaker, Clifford R.

Second Advisor

Hoffman, Norman

Third Advisor

Miller, Kenneth E.


The diacylation of thiophene is a reaction which should make possible the synthesis of a large variety of new thiophene derivatives, and which should also offer a faster, more convenient route to the preparation of many complicated aliphatic derivatives which are otherwise very difficult to prepare. A survey of the literature reveals some preliminary work similar to that which will be attempted, but there has been no concentrated effort in the area which will be covered in this thesis. Diacylations of thiophene have been noted in the literature, but have been accomplished by somewhat indirect complicated procedures. The direct diacylations encountered are very few in number and occur in very low yields. Thus the problem has a two-fold purpose: first, the investigation of the common methods of acylating thiophene in order to determine conditions necessary for diacylation and, second, the employment of certain acylating systems in order to synthesize some new thiophene compounds.



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