Date of Award

Summer 1952

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Haymaker, Clifford R.

Second Advisor

Koch, John R.

Third Advisor

Kittsley, Scott. L.


In recent years, the organic chemistry of silicon has become increasingly important to industrial technology. Despite the great strides that have been made in this field, few, if any, systematic attempts have been made to study organo-silicon reactions which are analogous to reactions in organic chemistry. The researches described in this thesis are an attempt to characterize one of these reactions, namely, the nucleophilic addition to carbonyl compounds of trichlorosilane. In convention carbon chemistry, the reaction of acetone and chloroform is known commonly as the "chloretone" reaction. The term has become generic for reactions of chloroform with the carbonyl group. The problem that this thesis will attempt to investigate is the mechanism of the reaction between trichlorosilane (known also as "silico-chloroform") and acetone, the possibility that this reaction is applicable to other carbonyl compounds, and the characterization of hydrolysis products of the reaction product.