Date of Award

Spring 1934

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Heinrich, Herbert


A few investigations of the electrolysis of chronic acid solutions have been made in this country. However, the larger number of investigations have been carried out in Germany. Liebreich, Muller, and their collaborators in the latter country, have made many observations. While their work was quite thorough, it lacked a certain coherence. Each investigator considers one or two factors effecting electrolysis and disregards other factors involved. In no case, were all factors considered and compensated for, in a single electrolysis, nor was there ever an attempt made at duplicating commercial plating conditions. Theoretical explanations for commercial chromium platting were deduced from data obtained by altogether different operations. For these reasons, it seemed necessary that an experimental investigation be made, in which commercial procedure were duplicated and all factors involved considered. In order to do this, a special type of apparatus would have to be perfected. It would have to be constructed so that results could be duplicated and checked. The construction of such an apparatus was undertaken and many trial electrolysis were run in working out its perfection. A few experimental observations were undertaken, but because of the extent of the field and lack of time, actual test runs had to be few in number.



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