Date of Award

Spring 1936

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

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Master of Science (MS)




Within the last few decades, the chemists of the paint, lacquer and varnish industry have been deeply interested in the development of synthetic resins. Many of these resins have been prepared by the condensation of a dibasic acid and a polyhydric alcohol in the presence of suitable modifying agents. Since the development of this type of resin can be almost solely attributed to research chemists associated with large industrial concerns, it is not surprising that one must obtain his information from patents or patent abstracts. Nevertheless, information obtained from such sources is of little use and may be often-times misleading. The literature covers the theoretical aspects and industrial applications, but it woefully lacking as to the actual methods of preparation of these resins. This work represents a study of the fundamental reactions involved in preparing glyceryl phthalate resins, as well as a series of experiments in which attempts were made to prepare resins having desirable physical properties.



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