Date of Award

Summer 1955

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Friedrich, L. W.

Second Advisor

Barkow, A. G.

Third Advisor

Greene, J. B.


Some samples of a ceramic material containing barium titanate were obtained from the Globe Union Co. While some research has been reported in the field of oxide ceramic semiconductors, the material used in this thesis was a compound originated by the manufacturer, and the measurements observed are assumed to be the first made on it. The purpose of these measurements is to determine the semiconducting properties of the material. A sample holder was designed and constructed with the following objectives in mind: 1) to achieve temperatures as low as possible with available coolants; 2) to raise the temperature in small steps to the limit of the materials involved; 3) to achieve a partial vacuum of the order of 10-2mm. Hg. pressure; 4) to be able to introduce ambients of other gases; 5) to place the sample in the field of an electromagnet. The sample holder was fitted with measuring devices to record temperature, pressure, and electrical quantities.