Date of Award

Spring 1939

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




This thesis is concerned with the somewhat mysterious property of chromium, known as passivity. When in the passive state chromium is inactive. Each metal has, it is true, its respective place in the electrochemical series depending upon its activity. Potassium, sodium, and calcium, being the most active, head the series; while the noble metals: silver, platinum, and gold--the least active--are placed last. Chromium, normally, ranks eighth in activity and takes its place between zinc and iron. But, for reasons quite unknown, it will, under many conditions, become an inactive as the noble metals. From a practical standpoint this can be either a help or a hindrance as can readily be seen. We are here concerned with the physical state of chromium when it is in this inactive condition and it is our purpose to make better known the cause for such behavior.



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