Date of Award

Spring 1942

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Undergraduate work in the field of waxes led, naturally, to a further study of these substances as a graduate research problem. The original problem of the effect of the various Halowax products on the melting points of the various natural waxes brought out interest in a study of the behavior of wax solutions. The study of solubility in the thesis of Lawson Ford, Solubility Curves of Various Commercial Waxes in Several Organic Solvents, showed that the solubility of waxes in general is rather limited. Preliminary tests on the behavior of such wax solutions showed interesting results by way of difference in precipitated wax form, point of solution, degree of solution, and the like. The thesis of Casimir Smyk, A Study of the Cooling Curves of Several Waxes and Binary Mixtures of these Waxes, suggested that there might be some correlation between the cooling curves of the waxes in solution as well as out of solution. The present work seeks to establish a method as well as a design for the proper type of instrument for viscosity studies of wax solutions and to lay a partial foundation for further work in this field. The character of wax solutions as well as an indication of a new method for determining wax solubility from viscosity-temperature curves has been sought, the results and suggestions for further work showing the progress in this direction.



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