Date of Award

Spring 1950

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Koch, John R.

Second Advisor

Surak, John G.

Third Advisor

Kittsley, Scott. L.


Within the past ten years there has developed a sudden interest in organic compounds which contain fluorine. This was intensified during the years of World War II because of numerous possible applications in the war effort. Organic compounds containing fluorine are characterized by great thermal stability and resistance to chemical action. Their commercial applications as heat transfer and dielectric media, fire extinguishers, turbine impellants, high temperature lubricants, and thermal and chemical resistant plastics is forthcoming. The high cost of preparing fluorocarbons has been the prohibiting factor thus far. A possible new method for the production of fluorocarbons from available and inexpensive raw materials by an electrochemical process is herein described. Most of the work in the present study is of a preparative nature. Time did not permit a complete characterization of all the products formed, and therefore this study serves as the basis of more advanced study on the equipment which has been developed.