Date of Award

Spring 1943

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Problems in genetics and learning ability always have been of interest to the writer. Genetics holds a certain fascination in working with living organisms and in making possible the comparison of results of a study with the basic principles laid down by Gregor Mendel, August Weismann, Sir Francis Galton, and others. Learning ability should be of primary importance to anyone in the teaching profession because of its bearing on t he measurement of pupil accomplishment in comparison with his capacity for learning. Then too, measurement of the amount of learning provides a gage for the teacher to determine the success of the daily lesson or unit taught. The problem chosen for this thesis had appeal because it combines studies in genetics and learning ability. Mice have been favorite subjects for study in the field of genetics for a number of years. However, much of this genetical study has been centered around inheritance of coat color. Only a few reports of other studies of inheritance in mice are to be found in the literature. Very few of these have used mice in learning situations. The problem selected seemed to point the possibilities of another field for investigation, While the results of t his study are not conclusive they seem to be indicative of some possibilities for further study. At least they demonstrate that mice make desirable subjects for studies in inheritance of other characteristics other than coat color.