Date of Award

Spring 1952

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Perry, James C.

Second Advisor

O'Brien, John P.


The present thesis is concerned with the description of one pattern of the activities of exogenous supplies of hormones in the vertebrate body. It is possible that in investigating a limited area of these activities we will be able to obtain a clearer view of the entire picture of hormonal activity. The effects of subcutaneous injections of estrogenic compounds upon testicular tissue are quite well established. Exogenous supplies of adrenalin, when administered in adequate quantities, result in testicular damage. Since these hormones have been used in producing testicular damage in the golden hamster, Cricetus auratus, this particular animal has been chosen for the present investigation. The problem of immediate concern is: What is the effect of alternate administration of estrogen and adrenalin at altermate intervals of seventy-two hours upon the testes of Cricetus auratus. It is hoped that the results obtained in the present investigation will suggest further experiments regarding the activity of different damaging agents when administered alternately.



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