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Thesis - Restricted

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Master of Science (MS)




Fasciolopais buski is the largest known trematode parasitic to man. This fluke can also infect pigs. Fasciolopsiasis in its severe form may result in the death of the infected individual. Recent work has been done in the experimental phase, while the descriptive phase as yet remains inadequately investigated. The histology of the fluke is not well known. It is the purpose of this work to reinvestigate the morphology of this fluke. Because the literature on this subject is contradictory and confusing, the writer has attempted to correlate and clarify, where possible, some points of difference that seem to exist. As the study of the morphology of the entire animal would be too great an undertaking at this time, this study will deal cheifly with the formation of the egg shell and the role of Mehlis' gland. Varying views are also found in the literature regarding the presence or absence of a Laurer's canal in Fasciolopsis buski. Clarification of this matter is considered here also.



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