Date of Award

Summer 1983

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Courtright, James B.

Second Advisor

Waring, Gail

Third Advisor

Kumaran, Krishna


Two hundred and fifty eDNA clones from a library derived from late stage egg chamber (stages 11-14) poly A+ RNA from Drosophila melanogaster were screened by colony and dot hybridization procedures. Six clones were shown to be complementary to maternally transmitted poly A+ RNA present during embryonic development. Hybridizations with 5'-32P-poly A+ mRNA probes isolated from 0-2 hr, 8-10 hr, and 18-20 hr embryos revealed that poly A+ RNA transcripts complementary to all six clones were present in all of the embryonic stages examined. Hybridizations with poly A+ RNA prepared from purified mitochondria and from tumorous female sterile (fes) mutant abdomens indicated that messages for five of the six clones were associated with the mitochondrial fraction. Clone cDml2 hybridized only to messages present in late stage egg chambers and embryonic stages, but not to messages associated with mitochondria or adult males. Characterization of the clones has shown that the respective eDNA inserts range from 440 to 625 bp in length. Clone cDml2 contains a 625 bp insert and restriction sites for both BamHI and Psti. The stage and tissue specificity of the mRNA complementary to this clone suggests this message or its translation product is a key ooplasmic component that may be necessary for embryonic development.



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