Date of Award

Fall 1984

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Siegel, Hildegarde

Second Advisor

DiMotto, Jean

Third Advisor

Ryan, Polly


Based on social learning theory and the locus of control construct , this study examined the anxiety reduction effectiveness of nursing interventions that were designed to be congruent with an individual's internal locus of control. The study tested the hypothesis that cardiac catheterization clients with an internal locus of control would have less anxiety following nursing interventions congruent with this locus of control than those clients who did not receive these congruent nursing interventions. The sample was comprised of twenty internal locus of control subjects who were alternately assigned to the control or experimental group. The Rotter Locus of Control Scale as used to determine locus of control orientation. The control subjects received the routine hospital pre-cardiac catheterization instructions. The experimental group received pre-cardiac catheterization instructions that were congruent with their internal locus of control. The State- Trait Anxiety Inventory - A-State Scale and the Finesilver Distress Rating Scale were administered for a baseline reading, as well as prior to and soon after the cardiac catheterization. Additionally, the Finesilver Distress Rating Scale was measured during the procedure. Pre and post A-State scores and distress rating scores of the control and experimental groups were compared using an analysis of variance at the . 05 significance level. No significance differences were found between groups on the basis of A-State and distress rating scores. When comparing A-State scores from the baseline reading to the second reading taken prior to the cardiac catheterization, no difference between the ( control and experimental group was found. However, the control group had a significantly greater reduction in anxiety from the second reading to the third reading taken after the cardiac catheterization. The hypothesis was not supported.



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