Date of Award

Fall 1977

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Three groups of adults, aged sixty-five years or older, were compared by the use of a Life Satisfaction Index, formulated by Neugarten, Havighurst and Tobin. (Journal of Gerontology 16 (April 1961):140) There were twenty participants in each group and the groups consisted of a) those respondents who have remained in their own homes. b) those respondents who live in apartments within a nursing home and c) those respondents who live in the infirmary of the same nursing home. The participants' life satisfaction scores were compared on the basis of their living situation, their marital status, their financial income and their health perception. A significant difference was found among the groups on the basis of living situation in that the participants living in the infirmary were significantly less satisfied than the other two groups. No difference in life satisfaction scores was found on the basis of marital status, income, or health perception.



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