Date of Award

Fall 1981

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




It comes as no surprise that childbearing is a bio-psycho-social phenomenon of great magnitude. Parents, particularly mothers, may not be adequately prepared to deal with the tremendous surge of biological as well as psychological changes they experience. Bringing information and support to new parents, specifically mothers, in the form of a structured group experience during the first three months of the postpartum period is the rational for this endeavor. Parameters of this essay include a review of the literature supporting the premise that the transition to parenthood can be stress producing and further, that group support can be effective as a method of stress intervention. A review of group formation is examined to lend validity and clarity to the guidelines proposed in the form of a manual useful to the health professional. Utilization of this manual will provide guidelines for a method of nursing intervention which may significantly improve the quality of the transition to parenthood experienced by a vast majority of our population.



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