Date of Award

Spring 1956

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Quick, Armaund J.

Second Advisor

Brown, Kenneth

Third Advisor

Koch, John R.


Over the past three years Dr. K. D. Brown of the biochemistry department of this University has been one of a group attempting to develop a method for the clinical diagnosis of the atherosclerotic state. Early in 1955 the work of Dr. Noland of U.S. Veteran's Administration Hospital, Wood, Wisconsin, was called to the attention of this group. His experimental work dealt with the influence of C-3 analogues of cholesterol on cholesterol absorption in insects. His results indicated that certain of these compounds behaved as inhibitors of cholesterol absorption from the gut. In June, 1955, a research project was begun which was designed to assay the effect on mammals of the compounds found to be inhibitory to cholesterol absorption in insects. If successful this would provide a means of controlling the level of circulating cholesterol and possibly the development of atherosclerosis. The preliminary results of these investigations are reported in this thesis.



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