Date of Award

Fall 1983

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




The verbal and nonverbal behaviors of a three and one-half year old boy hospitalized and immobilized in traction after a fractured femur were recorded by the nurse-writer while participating in the nursing care of the child. Data were collected in the form of process recordings. Data were analyzed for fantasy play behavior and categorized according to predominant theme and according to frequency. Sixty fantasy episodes were identified and categorized into three major categories; 1) fantasies with a predominant theme of aggression, 2) fantasies with a predominant theme of vicarious mobility and, 3) fantasies with a predominant theme of pleasurable play. Spontaneous and elicited episodes of fantasy play were analyzed. The nurse-writer elicited fantasy play through the use of stories, play interviews, specially chosen play objects, and by taking on the role of imaginary characters. Aggression was the most frequently occurring theme, accounting for 73% of the fantasy play episodes. The majority of fantasy play episodes occurred spontaneously.



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