Date of Award

Fall 1950

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Bernice, Mary

Second Advisor

Fink, Elizabeth

Third Advisor

Hassels, Anna


For years the nursing profession has reiterated its need for more nurses. Many sincere young women, and a few men, have answered this plea by enrolling in Marquette University College of Nursing; however, a large number of these students did not persevere until graduation. It seems that there should be ways to save at least some of these persons for the nursing profession and to spare them the sense of failure and disappointment which are often keenly felt by students who must drop out. Some one must be failing somewhere, but where? It is the hope of the writer that the data collected for this paper can be of some benefit to the faculty of Marquette University College of Nursing, as well as to other nurse educators, by bringing into a clearer light some of the reasons for the problems which have confronted the students and prevented them from succeeding in their chosen field; for, it is only when the causes of a problem have been discovered that it is possible to work objectively and systematically toward its solution. An attempt has been made to present the findings of this study in a brief and concise manner. The principal part of the report consists in answering pertinent questions. Tables and graphs have been used whenever possible and lengthy discussions of the tabulated materials have been purposely omitted in order to secure simplicity.



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