Date of Award

Summer 1983

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Biomedical Engineering

First Advisor

Linehan, John, H.

Second Advisor

Dawson, Christopher A.

Third Advisor

Petrie, Thomas W.


This thesis presents a computer simulation of the bidirectional, non-linear transport of a substrate from parallel, non-interacting capillary tubes. It is assumed that the concentration of the substrate at the entrance to the capillaries is a time-varying (input) function. When the substrate flows through the capillary tube whose wall contains enzymes or carriers, the substrate will be transported from the capillary space by non-linear kinetics and returned from the extra-capillary space to the capillary space again by non-linear kinetics. The effects of the bidirectional transport mechanism and the dispersion of the input function and the capillary transport function are studied using this model. The results are presented in terms of the time-varying amount of substrate removed (the extraction ratio). In addition, by assuming the results of the model are data, methods of calculating the parameters of the nonlinear transport mechanism are evaluated. Chapter I is the introduction of this thesis. Chapter II provides the theory for developing governing equations and finite difference approximations. Chapter III presents the results of this thesis. In this chapter, various parameters which affect the shape of the substrate concentration and the extraction ratio curves are considered. Also, methods of evaluating experimental kinetic parameters are discussed. Chapters IV and V are the discussion and the conclusion chapters, respectively.



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