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Spring 1936

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Thesis - Restricted

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Master of Arts (MA)




This treatise undertakes to embrace concisely the historical development of transoceanic electrical communications and their use in furnishing the newspapers in the United States with foreign news. Certain chapters such as those dealing with "National Policies of Control and Censorship" and "International Regulatione and Censorship" are of necessity brief, because the material is incidental to the study and yet in itself is worthy of special development. Their inclusion was necessary, however, for a rounded historical presentation. Many other phases, such as the technical improvements, could only be alluded to. For those who care to enter further into the subject a bibliography has been appended. The basis of most of the material gathered here was obtained first by consultation of the indices and volumes of the London Times and the New York Times. Secondary as well as additional primary sources were used to smoothen the running story. The chapter on "Foreign News Volume" was developed by measuring the foreign news in the New York Times at five year periods for two weeks from 1871 to 1910. Thereafter, two days out of every month, every other year, were consulted. It is intended to show merely the trend.



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