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Thesis - Restricted

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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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Richardson, B.


The beneficial effects of heat transfer by "cocktail shaker" mechanism* have been known for many years in the aircraft industry. Pistons and poppet valves of internal combustion engines have been cooled by the subject mechanism since World War I. However, a rational approach to the interpretation of this mode of heat transfer was postponed until very recently. In this work, the experimental method was applied to determine basic heat transfer data in geometries typical of exhaust poppet valves. The representative models analyzed were partially filled with mercury and subjected to vertical rectilinear harmonic motion. A correlation of the data is presented in the form of suitably defined Nusselt number versus the Peclet number. The latter is formed by the combination of the Reynolds-Strouhal and the Prandtl numbers. The heat transfer coefficients obtained can be used to predict heat transfer rates in the design stage of hollow stem poppet valves of internal combustion engines, partially filled with mercury and subjected to rectilinear harmonic motion in the vertical direction.



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