Date of Award

Summer 1972

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

First Advisor

Cartz, L.

Second Advisor

Mccann, Donald

Third Advisor

Hirthe, W.


High pressure structural effects on solids can be studied using neutron (Time of Flight) diffraction. Such an experimental system is now available in the Solid State Science Division of Argonne National Laboratory, under the direction of Dr. T.G. Worlton. It is of interest to compare the results from different experimental approaches and the data from neutron (TOF) diffraction is to be compared to data derived from high pressure x-ray diffraction methods. The neutron (TOF) diffraction system at Argonne National Laboratory has been set up by Dr. T.G. Worlton and considerable aid has been received from him both in the general procedures and also in the particular details of the determination of the constants of the apparatus.



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