Date of Award

Spring 2004

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Berzins, David

Second Advisor

Bradley, T. G.

Third Advisor

Villalobos, Francisco


The use of the straight wire or pre-adjusted appliance in orthodontics has shifted the focus of many practitioners from wire bending to bracket placement. The preadjusted bracket systems incorporate tip, torque, and rotation into the brackets and, in theory, allow clinicians to finish their cases using a straight wire. The straight wire appliance places an emphasis on correct bracket placement. Brackets may be bonded to teeth using two general types of methods, direct or indirect. Indirect bonding was first introduced in the early l970's. Benefits attributed to indirect bonding include more accurate bracket placement, decreased discomfort and chair time for the patient, and better hygiene. Indirect bonding is technique sensitive, however, and requires an additional set of impressions. Many early indirect bonding techniques utilized adhesives designed for restorative purposes. The purpose of this study was to evaluate two of the new commercially available materials and protocols that are being used for indirect bonding and to determine if these new materials and methods had a difference in shear bond strength from a bracket directly bonded with a light cured adhesive. Three groups of 20 teeth were used. Three different bonding materials were used to bond brackets to the teeth. The control group used a light cured, highly filled orthodontic adhesive, Transbond XT (3M/Unitek Corporation, Monrovia, CA) and Transbond XT Light Cure Adhesive Primer (3M/Uniteck Corporation, Monrovia, CA). The control group utilized the direct bonding protocol recommended by the manufacturer. The second group, using an indirect bonding technique, also used Transbond XT for an adhesive, but used Sondhi Rapid Set A/B Primer, a filled resin primer. Group 3, also bonded by an indirect method, used a low viscosity, light cured adhesive Enlight LV (ORMCO Corp., Glendora, CA) and light cured primer Orthosolo (ORMCO Corp., Glendora, CA)...



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