Document Type

Technical Report

Publication Date


Performing Organization

Marquette University, Transportation Research Center

Contract or Grant Number

WisDOT SPR# 0092-06-01


This report presents findings from the second phase of the Marquette Interchange instrumentation project and focuses on the maintenance of data recordation systems, development of computer programs to analyze data, and development of data packages for redistribution. The product of this research is a set of data which includes dynamic pavement response due to live traffic, vehicle information (weight, class, length, et cetera), and environmental data for the test site. The tasks within this project were not oriented for findings regarding pavement performance, but important and helpful conclusions can be drawn for similar future projects. The recordation systems have been maintained and recordation has been continuous. A handful of sensors did require attention and only a fraction of the critical strain sensors have ceased to function, making the project a success. The results of the computer programs written to analyze data show that reasonable accuracy has been achieved. Future work can help to generate more intricate programming making the processes more accurate.


Marquette Interchange Perpetual Pavement Instrumentation Project - Phase II (WHRP 08-04). Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Marquette University, Transportation Center (2008).