Document Type

Technical Report

Publication Date


Performing Organization

Department of Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering: Marquette University

Contract or Grant Number

WisDOT SPR# 0092-09-07


This research effort develops a reliability-based approach for prescribing inspection intervals for mast-arm sign support structures corresponding to user-specified levels of fatigue-induced fracture risk. The resulting level of risk for a particular structure is dependent upon its geographical location, the type of connection it contains, the orientation of its mast-arm relative to north and the number of years it has been in service. The results of this research effort indicate that implementation of state-of-the-art reliability-based assessment procedures can contribute very valuable procedures for assigning inspection protocols (i.e. inspection intervals) that are based upon probabilities of finding fatigue-induced cracking in these structures. The engineering community can use the results of this research effort to design inspection intervals based upon risk and thereby better align inspection needs with limited fiscal and human resources.


Fatigue Risks in the Connections of Sign Support Structures (WHRP 0092-09-07). Milwaukee, WI, Marquette University, Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering (2013).