Newsworkers: Toward a History of the Rank and File


Newsworkers: Toward a History of the Rank and File



The traditional construction of media history has relied on notions of democracy, progress, and community leadership to produce the image of an institution that has secured the place of journalism in the annals of the United States. Current attempts to modernize the representation of media history through widely used textbooks repeat traditional views of what constitutes a history of the press; they present ideologically predisposed accounts that fail to consider issues of work and class. The result has been a history of institutional power without any consideration of the rank of file and their contribution to the social and political empowerment of contemporary media industries.



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Table of Contents

Without the Rank and File: Journalism History, Mediaworkers, and Problems of Representation / Hanno Hardt

Discursive Strategies of Exclusion: The Ideological Construction of Newsworkers / Elizabeth (Elli) Lester

The Emergence of the Reporter: Mechanization and the Devaluation of Editorial Workers / Marianne Salcetti-

Cultural Discourse of Journalists: The Material Conditions of Newsroom Labor / Bonnie Brennen

The Site of Newsroom Labor: The Division of Editorial Practices / William S. Solomon

Words Against Images: Positioning Newswork in the Age of Photography / Barbie Zelizer

Alternative Vison: The Intellectual heritage of Nonconformist Journalists in Canada / David R. Spencer

Newsboys: The Exploitation of “Little Merchants” by the Newspaper Industry / Jon Bekken