Psychology, 5th edition


Psychology, 5th edition



In the fifth edition of Psychology, Stephen Franzoi continues to provide students with a scholarly, engaging text that shows them how psychological concepts can be applied to their lives. This new text, like its predecessor, presents the science of psychology as a 'journey of discovery' undertaken by both researchers and students. The author explains how psychology has expanded our understanding of people's thoughts, feelings, and behavior. This approach to teaching psychology encourages students to consider the relationship of psychological knowledge to their own lives, thereby making learning about psychology more personally relevant. By making these connections, students are better able to retain course content and acquire insights that can be applied to daily living. This text is thoroughly revised and has new photos, figures, animations, and a new statistics appendix added.



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Chapter 1. Introduction to Psychology

Chapter 2. The Vehicle for Psychological Discovery

Chapter 3. Neurological and Genetic Bases of Behavior

Chapter 4. Human Development

Chapter 5. Sensation and Perception

Chapter 6. Consciousness

Chapter 7. Learning

Chapter 8. Memory

Chapter 9. Language and Thinking

Chapter 10. Intelligence

Chapter 11. Motivation and Emotion

Chapter 12. Personality

Chapter 13. Psychological Disorders

Chapter 14. Therapy

Chapter 15. Stress, Coping, and Health

Chapter 16. Understanding Social Behavior

Appendix A. Statistical Reasoning

Appendix B. Journey of Discovery Questions and Possible Answers