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International Journal of Accounting and Information Management


Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine whether both country disclosure environment and firm-level disclosures are associated with cross-listing in the USA or London or otherwise.

Design/methodology/approach – The authors test the association using a sample of Asia-Pacific firms covered in the Standard and Poor's, 2001/2002 disclosure survey, capturing the country-level disclosure using the Center for International Financial Analysis and Research (CIFAR) score. The firm-level disclosure is measured using the S&P disclosure score. The authors conduct a logistic regression analysis and a two-stage least squares analysis to examine whether the outcome, cross-listing or not, is associated with the country disclosure environment and firm-level disclosures.

Findings – The authors find that Asia-Pacific firms from weak disclosure environments and having higher firm-level disclosure scores are more likely to seek listing in the USA. Further, the paper provides initial evidence that these Asia-Pacific firms are as likely to seek listing in London as in the USA. No significant difference was found in S&P scores between US and London cross-listings after controlling for the effects of other variables. This suggests that firms that cross-list in London present similar disclosure levels to firms that cross-list in the USA.

Originality/value – The paper's findings contribute to the cross-listing literature on disclosure by showing that the interaction between firm-level disclosure and country-level disclosure has an impact on whether a firm cross-lists in the USA/London or not. The authors' comparison of US cross-listings versus London cross-listings provides the first evidence that disclosures of US and London cross-listings are not significantly different.


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