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Arab and Muslim Women's Research and Resource Institute

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AMWRRI Digital Archive


This report describes the processes, aims, and outcomes of the Disabilities Digital Archive, a project conducted as part of Arab and Muslim Women’s Research and Resource Institute’s vision to create data and oral histories regarding women’s experiences and transform them into meaningful information. To this end, this project seeks to explore gendered disability and facilitate more complex understandings of disability at the intersection of gender, culture, immigration, and other modes of identity. By collecting data from Muslim community members in Milwaukee, including people with differences of ability and their families, caregivers, Imams and religious scholars, community organization leaders, and health care/mental health professionals, it presents a fuller picture to break down stigma and increase access to resources for people with differences of ability. This report presents initial findings and brief information on the following:

a) Aims of the project

b) Process of data collection

c) Demographic information about participants

d) Main themes emerged in the narratives

e) Muslim Imams’ perception and recommendations

f) Health care providers’ reflection and recommendations

g) Digital Archive


AMWRRI Digital Archive, (2022) Arab and Muslim Women's Research and Resource Institute. Publisher link.

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